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Our Mission

 The Barnstable Intermediate School takes pride in its role as an important bridge for students as they make the transition from elementary education to secondary education on their way to becoming more self-reliant, disciplined, and caring young adults.  Students and staff are engaged in challenging, differentiated instruction applying effective effort strategies to reach their maximum individual potential.  Students contribute to a positive school climate that promotes a sense of belonging and connection to their school and community.   Our success is measured by gains in individual student growth and academic achievement.


Principal's Corner

PARCC Test Dates
Due to the inordinate number of school cancellations this winter, the Department of Education has altered the PARCC testing window for schools. In response to this change, BIS has reconfigured its testing schedule. Following are the new dates of testing:
Tuesday, March 31
6th grade – Math Test #1 7th Grade – ELA Test #1
Thursday, April 2
6th Grade – Math Test #2 7th Grade – ELA Test #2
Monday, April 6
6th Grade – ELA Test #1 7th Grade – ELA Test #3
Wednesday, April 8
6th Grade – ELA Test #2 7th Grade – Math Test #1
Friday, April 10
6th Grade – ELA Test #3 7th Grade Math Test #2
We would appreciate your support in two areas:
Please be sure that students are in school and that they arrive on time on testing days. Participation rate is part of the formula that the state uses when evaluating schools. Students will perform at their best if they are well rested and have had a good breakfast.
Please support our restrictions on cell phone use in school. The Department of Education has a strict policy regarding cell phone misuse during state testing. “Results will be invalidated for students who use cell phones, or other electronic devices, during testing. “ Our teachers will determine the best method for secur-ing cell phones prior to the start of testing. It would assist us in this process if stu-dents could leave their phone home on test days.
Thank you for your support with these items.